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Privacy Policy

Dear Users,In order to protect users’ personal information and interests, please review the following Privacy Policy carefully.

1.    Showmore is operated by ecosTek Co., Ltd. The gathering, processing, and using of client information by Showmore follows the ‘Personal Data Protection Law’ and related rules and policies issued by the Government of the Republic of China. Users may refer to the following Privacy Declaration to understand the measures that Showmore has taken to protect client information. If users are underage, they shall read, understand, and agree to all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy accompanied by their parents (or legal guardian). If users continue using the services provided by Showmore, it is understood that users’ parents (or legal guardian) have read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and its applicable laws and regulations. Please note that whether a Showmore vendor or consumer, users shall follow this Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions therein.

2.    Privacy Declaration

a.    The Privacy Policy includes how Showmore processes the identification information collected when using the services of the Showmore website in addition to how Showmore processes any identification information shared with its business partners.

b.    This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third-party website operated by the corporation other than Showmore or person(s) employed or managed by Showmore. 

c.    Showmore may collect personal identification information when users browse Showmore, sign up for Showmore, use Showmore products and services, or participate in Showmore campaigns or award-giving activities. To protect the privacy and safety of users, Showmore offers users the opportunity to create their own password to protect their account and personal information.

d.    Showmore will automatically receive, record and analyze information from user browsers when they access Showmore, including IP addresses, third-party advertising cookies and website records. If users do not wish the aforementioned data to be collected, they shall shut down the tracking functions of their browser and periodically check such settings.

e.    Users may edit their account information at any time, including the choice of whether to receive notices from Showmore about special events or new products. 

3.    Collecting Personal Information

a.   By agreeing to the Privacy Policy and joining Showmore, users consent to Showmore collecting the following information:

i.    Name
ii.    Copies of Identification (ID) cards or Business Registration Certificate
iii.    Contact details (including the phone and cell numbers, and mailing address)
iv.    Email address
v.    Activity records when using Showmore
vi.    Content and amount of orders
Showmore will not collect, process, or use the payment information users provide to third-party payment service providers for any transaction using Showmore.

b.    Showmore will not sell or lease personal identification information to anyone except for the government, our cooperative partners, or companies under the following conditions:

i.    Showmore would be unable to provide the requested products or services without sharing user information with its business partners or companies (without advance notice, these companies do not have the right to use personal information provided by Showmore outside of the purpose of providing products or services)
ii.    Showmore is required to do so according to laws and regulations or due to an official requisition letter from the government
iii.    Showmore retains the right to submit relevant information to the authorities when user activities on its website cause tort or breach of contract

c.    To protect the privacy of its users, Showmore will not provide users with the account information of other users. If users need to access such information, they shall initiate legal proceedings and Showmore will endeavor to cooperate with the investigation and provide any legally required information.

4.    Showmore will use personal information only for the following purposes:

a.    To improve and upgrade Showmore products and services

b.    To improve the advertisement and content of the webpage Showmore provides users

c.    For membership registration and providing relevant services to users 

d.    To fulfill requests regarding certain products and to inform users about online and offline offers, new products, and services

e.    To customize user experience (e.g., using third-party advertising cookies to provide tailored marketing and advertising content or to recommend services based on their past activities when using Showmore)

f.    Any other purposes and uses users agreed

5.    Managing Personal Information

Users shall contact Showmore by sending a message via the website or reaching out to Showmore’s customer service representatives if one of the following situations occur:

a.    Users are unable to update their personal information automatically but wishing to.

b.    Users refuse Showmore’s use of part of or all their personal information (for example, you may think we improperly collect or use your personal information)

c.    Users decide to limit Showmore’s purpose of using their personal information (for example, you may not want us to use it for analysis)

d.    Users may contact Showmore at any time to cancel the agreement. Showmore will stop collecting their personal information and only retain the information collected before the agreement was cancelled. But please note that the users’ uses of certain Showmore functions may be affected upon refusing, limiting, or cancelling the agreement of Showmore’s use of their personal information. 

6.    Pursuant to applicable laws and for the purpose of protection, Showmore strives to maintain and protect users’ personal information from any accidental or malicious sabotage. But if any of the following situations happens, Showmore cannot guarantee the privacy of user data:

i.    Under legally accepted maintainable situation

ii.    Under the purpose of legitimate service providing

iii.    The resource using and technical support beyond reasonable region (for example, the requests only achievable under the development of new system or change of current service providing model)

iv.    Under the risk of endangering a third-party’s privacy

7.    Showmore reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy and related notices at any time and communicate said changes by posting an updated version on the Showmore website. There will be no individual notice issued to Showmore users.

© 2021 All rights reserved by Showmore 

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