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The Ultimate Tool for Brand E-commerce

Create your online store with ease.
Conquer common operational challenges.

Showmore helps brand owners enhance e-commerce operational efficiency through AI automation and streamlined multichannel management. With a wide range of marketing activities, brands can effectively boost customer repurchase rates, foster member loyalty, and ultimately achieve omnichannel sales and revenue growth.


Social network marketing tools effectively attract up to 60% of new customers.

Customized targeted advertising, bringing in customers to complete transactions on the official websites.

Integrates with Facebook live streaming shopping network, which is connected to media network traffic for double exposure. Provides Facebook group-purchasing functions, making it easy to manage social network sales with one-stop shop order-taking.

Facebook +1 shopping system
Facebook group buying function
Membership audience analysis
Precision inbound marketing advertisings
Omni-channel traffic to retargeting ads <EXTRA COST>


One and only!
For cookie-less generation, Showmore is able to capture cross-border retail media network traffic.

Carrefour, Amazon, Walmart, and other retail giants have all been investing in publisher advertising network systems. Showmore can support e-commerce brands to boost their profit.

First-party data collect
FMCG e-Commerce audience package
Comprehensive marketing funnel
Data closed-loop system that effectively facilitates the return of members
Perform behavioral analysis for 1,000 major live streamers with an  audience of more than a million
Collaborate with Dentsu Solution Center to connect with the audience of thousands of major regional brands


Showmore is committed to providing e-commerce solutions, serving large and small brands to solve the needs of operations, marketing, and traffic.


Online Shop

The most comprehensive functions and diverse design templates to help you easily start an online business.


Live streaming

The hottest live broadcast on Facebook +1, you can use Showmore to receive orders at the moment of the live broadcast, and you can further bring your live video to the whole network for distribution.


One-page group order

The favorite function of group sellers, LINE group buying, as well as intimate checkout reminders and convenient shipping process.


Marketing Consulting Services

Customize and integrate marketing needs for brands, combine big data and accurate audience analysis, and maximize your marketing budget.

Showmore helps customers to create more convenient life!
Let Showmore be the best assistant on your brand road.

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